Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Imagineer Movie Giveaway Winners

Hey everyone, as you know recently we had a giveaway and entries were closed on August 31. We are truly sorry for the delay, we just have all been busy with our personal lives. Don't worry though, we have the winners ready for you today! They were all chosen randomly, and we will have a lot more giveaways in the future, so if you didn't win, rather than being upset, get excited for the next one. Alright, so you've been waiting, and here are the winners. . . Fxss6, DrPencil54, and Pin Aranha! Be sure to check your e-mails. Congratulations!

As for a sneak peek, in the near future we have a $15 iTunes gift code and a 3 month membership in our flippers. . .

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Monday, September 1, 2014

Imagineer Fan Art 8-31-14: Ian The Imagineer Shirt!

This piece of fan art sent to us yesterday. This piece represents an awesome idea and looks like Ian The Imagineer's shirt! Considering the awesomeness of this idea, we might add something like it to our merchandise shop later on! This is done by CPthoroughs.

Thanks for this AWESOME fan art, CPthoroughs! To send in your fan art you can tweet us @CPImagineers, or you can comment below with a link to the image.

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Imagineer Fan Art 8-20-14: The Team!

Hello everyone! As we said in the Fan Art page a while back, we will be moving the fan art to posts in this new series "Imagineer Fan Art". We had meant to start this a little while back, but we were just a little too busy. Now that we have time, let's begin!

This piece of fan art is actually from 11 days ago, because we had meant to start the series then.. anyway, this piece is amazing and we can tell it took them a lot of time. This is made by GelinhoTeco.

Thanks for this AWESOME fan art, GelinhoTeco! To send in your fan art you can tweet us @CPImagineers, or you can comment below with a link to the image.

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Sunday, August 31, 2014

TONS OF UPDATES (Imagineers Show, Movie, Saturdays)

Hello everyone! This is Woddylan here, but I'm also better known as just Dylan. I am here to make a few announcements relating to The Imagineer Movie 2 the CP Imagineers Show, and our new Imagineer Saturdays series. As you probably all know, we had scheduled The Imagineer Movie 2 for March 2015. Unfortunately, we didn't get enough funding and we also realized that we might not have enough footage. Don't react too soon - there is other good news. We are putting out CP Imagineers Show episodes sooner now (and they're now directed by me) and starting with Episode 8 (we are skipping Episode 7 considering that was partially in The Imagineer Movie) we will be making episodes longer. This means every time there's a new episode, you can get excited for 10-15 minutes of footage, rather than just 2-5 minutes. We really want a full-blown experience for our viewers.

On to the next topic; we are aware that recently we haven't been able to do Imagineer Saturdays episodes. We are usually busy and so it makes it hard to put them out weekly. We will continue to try our best, but we might not always be able to make it work. We thank you all for understanding.

This is Woddylan, signing off.

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Imagineer Saturdays - Random Robot [1]

Hope you all enjoy episode 1 of Imagineer Saturdays!

NOTICE: Due to player size issues, you will get the best experience if you watch the video at

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Imagineer Movie 2 Partnerships [ATTENTION CLUB PENGUIN CONTENT MAKERS]

NOTE I: This post will also be made into a page.
NOTE II: Please read this post if you are a Club Penguin related content maker (YouTube, blogs, etc).

Hello everyone! Dylan here also known as Woddylan and today I am bringing you some pretty cool stuff. As you may have heard, #TheImagineerMovie2 is coming out in March 2015. Now that's quite a while away, but we already have some stuff planned. We are going to keep quiet most of the details at the moment, BUT this Imagineer Movie will be a little different meaning it will have commercial breaks. For those of you reading who hate commercial breaks, don't worry, they will only be a minute or two each. Anyway, you can purchase different partner plans to have your advertisement in the movie! Advertisements will be in the form of a banner/photo advertisement, but it will be displayed for a certain amount of time. If you are a Silver Partner or Gold Partner you can also send us a 1-30 advertisement video that YOU have already made. The graph below states the features of each partner plan and below that are the costs. Read below that for the instructions on how to purchase a plan.


The instructions are very simple. Shoot an email to saying which Partner Plan you would like to purchase and we will go from there via email.

Thank you for reading and I will see y'all next time!

Club Penguin Imagineers

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi everyone! Woddylan/Dylan here, and I have some AWESOME news! The Imagineer Movie is now up! It is up at, so go check it out! If you don't want to watch it directly on YouTube, you can watch it here, too:

Hope you guys enjoy it! We spent tons of time on this project. Be sure to watch the movie in HD, too. Also, not to give away too much, but come March 2015.... THE IMAGINEER MOVIE 2.