Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Imagineer Movie - We need YOUR Questions!

Hello everyone! Some of you may have heard we are working on a new project! It's called "The Imagineer Movie". It will be a 30 minute - 1 hour long special of us messing around with fans, answering questions, and more. There will even be some #CPImagineersShow themed comedy footage. We have already begun work on the movie, and we need YOUR help. We are doing a Q&A session and we need YOUR questions! Leave your comments below containing your question(s) and hopefully they will be answered! We have a LOT of space for questions, so don't worry about yours not getting in. You can leave only one question per comment but leave as many comments as you'd like. Thanks!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Before I begin, many of you may disagree with me on what I am about to say. That is a good thing, as we are all entitled to your own opinion, but saying that, please be respectful of mine. I know this is a long post, but it's well worth reading.

A while ago, Spike Hike came up with the hashtag StahpTheDrama on the social media site known as Twitter. I believe very few people respect that hashtag, and we need to change that. That leads into all of my separate topics which I will be discussing. First off, takeovers. Many of you think that Disney is just trying to "ruin" Club Penguin for the worse with all their "advertisements" via takeovers. Not at all. Disney is being smart, because a good majority of Club Penguin players enjoy watching the shows or movies they are supporting, or if it's the case of celebrity (Zendaya in the Music Jam 2014 for example), then it's because the audience enjoys their music. It's not advertising. It's making opportunities for that part of the audience, and just making the game more enjoyable depending on your style. On to the next topic, constructive criticism. A lot of people simply just say, "I hate this party", or "Disney ruins Club Penguin", or things along those lines. First off, directly saying that is a bit rude. Secondly, the examples I stated are not using constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is where you politely say something you dislike about something, and give a suggestion on how to improve it. For example, "This is a good party! I don't really like the _____ feature, could you maybe change it so that during the party you can _____?" That's a perfect example. The next topic is the first topic about hacking. The Club Penguin team is trying their best to ban all of the hackers correctly, and they are actually doing quite well, though many people criticize them on that. That's rude, and it's not very funny at all, as they try and make it be. Please stop, and if you see a hacker, don't just sit around, report them please. The (kind of) next topic is the second topic about hacking. This one is why you shouldn't hack. If you look up the word hacking in my dictionary, the definition will be "Cheating yourself", because that's what hacking is. Plus, if you, let's say hack in an item, you will never truly feel accomplished because you didn't earn that item. Hacking gives you physical advantages, but not real, legitimate ones. Lastly, I want to talk about what some people call old and new CP. Club Penguin will always be Club Penguin, people think that the fact that Disney now owns it is a bad thing. Again, it opens many opportunities and I think Club Penguin has improved greatly since Disney took over. If you don't think so, I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with is the fact that people go around saying how they hate "new" CP. First of all, they don't use constructive criticism as they should (talked about above), and if they want something changed/brought back then they can email Club Penguin Support for that. I'm done talking now. As stated at the top, we are all entitled to our own opinion, please don't hate me for mine. Thank you for reading.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mountain717 is back!

Hey guys! I haven't been doing much with the Club Penguin community, or all of the awesome people in it. So, what do you say to putting an end to it?

So, now that I am back into the Club Penguin Imagineers, what would you guys like to see?
Maybe stories, interviews or maybe graphic giveaways? I would love to know what you think!
You can let me know what you think in the comments below!

Waddle on!


Friday, July 4, 2014

The Imagineers Interview #1 - Mrzero3!

Hello everyone! This Dylan (a.k.a. Woddylan) here and today I'm bringing you another series on the site, to be part of the Imagination Renovation 2.0. Today I'm doing a series called "The Imagineers Interview", where we interview some well-known people from the Club Penguin community and learn more about them! Related inks will be at the bottom of the post. Today's guest will be Mrzero3. Let's begin.

CP Imagineers: Who inspired you to do Club Penguin blogging?

Mrzero3: In all honesty, Chrisdog93. Chrisdog93 was always an inspiration to me, since his website was remarkable. He was the one who encouraged me to blog. :)

CP Imagineers: What's different about your blog, Club Penguin Reveals, from others? What is special about yours that other blogs don't have?

Mrzero3: It's unique in the sense that it isn't a cheats website. It's a website that is solely to provide penguins with the latest updates and news. Also, it includes many different features such as giveaways, competitions, igloo ideas, etc - that other CP blogs lack. Plus, it's one of the oldest. :) It's been going for almost 4 years strong.

CP Imagineers: What is your favorite thing about the Club Penguin Imagineers? Sorry, I had to ask this. =P

Mrzero3: Well, I LOVE all of the members that work for it. They're so friendly, helpful, etc. I find the whole concept very unique and creative too. I especially love the videos and the website.

CP Imagineers: That's awesome to hear! Back on topic, what's your favorite and least favorite Club Penguin event/party and why?

Mrzero3: My favourite party ever: Holiday Party 2011, because the party was just basic, simple, incredibly festive, loads of free items, etc. Least favourite ever: Future Party, because it was too boring, modern, etc.

CP Imagineers: Alright, thanks for letting us interview you! Any last words?

Mrzero3: Thanks for visiting Club Penguin Reveals! LOL

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The Imagination Renovation 2.0 - The Future Of Interaction

Hello everyone, this is me Dylan, and today I am here to talk about something new for the Club Penguin Imagineers. Lately we've not been active much, and that is about to change big time. Today, I present to you, The Imagination Renovation 2.0. If you remember, back in October 2013 we held the first/original Imagination Renovation, and today we are doing it again. It's not exactly a renovation, it's more a big amount of updates to what we do. As the Imagineers, we realized a little while ago that we aren't interacting with the community enough. So, that's what eventually brought us to the idea of The Imagination Renovation 2.0. A while back we made a video on this on our new YouTube channel, so you can look at that video now by clicking that link, it's the only video on the channel so far. What's showcased in the video isn't even half the stuff happening. As we said, we are going to interact with the community more. So, soon you will see some new series coming to the site, as well as some new CP Imagineer Show episodes! We already got a few things done for The Imagination Renovation 2.0! For one, in case you need help with something Club Penguin/Club Penguin Imagineers related, or just have a question or comment, you can send us a support ticket at! Also, if you want Imagineers Merchandise (shirts, tablet covers, phone covers, etc) we opened a new merchandise shop! You can check it out at! Lastly, you can sign up to get a FREE poster sent to your home once we hit 1,000 Twitter followers! There are 15 spots to get a poster, and as we are writing this 13 are already taken, so go enter now at!!!! That's all that we have so far, and a few hours ago I finished writing the first part of a new series, so that will be up in literally a few minutes! Hope you all have a good day, thanks for reading, and waddle on!

This is Dylan, signing off.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Club Penguin Short: Protobot Returns!

Starting in just a few days, Protobot will start attacking the future of Club Penguin in person, and he's gigantic. We'll need many recruits to hold him off until the Extra Planetary Force comes back.
Be resourceful. Be remarkable Be ready.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Spoiler Alert: Episode 21 - Into The Future!

Check out the latest episode of The Spoiler Alert!
What do you like best about The Spoiler Alert?