Saturday, October 25, 2014

CP Imagineers Show: Submit Ideas

       Hello everyone! We are currently in the middle of working on the ninth installment of our #CPImagineersShow series. As you've heard from us a lot lately, we are trying to interact with the community a bit more than we are at the moment. We've decided that once we hit 1,000 followers on Twitter we will follow back everyone, and now we have another idea to interact with the community even more, using the #CPImagineersShow. You can now submit your ideas for skits/scenes to be in the show!

       We will try to pick at least 1-2 ideas from the community to be in each episode. If you are chosen, you will be credited at the end of the video. This is very exciting for us, and hopefully for you. You can submit your ideas here:

       Thanks everyone!

The Club Penguin Imagineers

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The CP Imagineers Show - Episode 8: Spooky Situations

       Hello everyone! Today we are here to bring you the eighth installment of our #CPImagineersShow series. This episode is Halloween themed. Hope you enjoy!

       We worked really hard on this episode, and we hope you all enjoyed.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Club Penguin Imagineers EspaƱol and New Member

       Hello penguin pals! If you follow us on Twitter you may already know this, but we have a new member to our team. . . in a way. We would like to welcome NINJAKROM! He speaks fluent Spanish and English, and we decided recently that we would like to have a Spanish CPI blog. We thought Ninjakrom would be a great addition to the team for the new blog because of his bilingual expertise, and he's just a funny, smart, great guy. We are still in development of the new site, but it should be up very soon. It will have the posts we have on here but translated to Spanish, and Ninjakrom will also post a few of his own things.

       We would like to apologize for getting this news out late, but we've all been busy and Dylan, the manager of the project, has had a very bad cold for over a week, but he's getting better. We'd like to give you a little sneak peek of what the website will look like, so here it is:

That's a redesigned logo made by Ninjakrom that will be used for the new header. We are really excited for this upcoming project, and we hope you are too. To keep in touch, Ninjakrom can be found on Twitter by clicking here.

-The Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Imagineer Movie Giveaway Winners

Hey everyone, as you know recently we had a giveaway and entries were closed on August 31. We are truly sorry for the delay, we just have all been busy with our personal lives. Don't worry though, we have the winners ready for you today! They were all chosen randomly, and we will have a lot more giveaways in the future, so if you didn't win, rather than being upset, get excited for the next one. Alright, so you've been waiting, and here are the winners. . . Fxss6, DrPencil54, and Pin Aranha! Be sure to check your e-mails. Congratulations!

As for a sneak peek, in the near future we have a $15 iTunes gift code and a 3 month membership in our flippers. . .

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Monday, September 1, 2014

Imagineer Fan Art 8-31-14: Ian The Imagineer Shirt!

This piece of fan art sent to us yesterday. This piece represents an awesome idea and looks like Ian The Imagineer's shirt! Considering the awesomeness of this idea, we might add something like it to our merchandise shop later on! This is done by CPthoroughs.

Thanks for this AWESOME fan art, CPthoroughs! To send in your fan art you can tweet us @CPImagineers, or you can comment below with a link to the image.

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Imagineer Fan Art 8-20-14: The Team!

Hello everyone! As we said in the Fan Art page a while back, we will be moving the fan art to posts in this new series "Imagineer Fan Art". We had meant to start this a little while back, but we were just a little too busy. Now that we have time, let's begin!

This piece of fan art is actually from 11 days ago, because we had meant to start the series then.. anyway, this piece is amazing and we can tell it took them a lot of time. This is made by GelinhoTeco.

Thanks for this AWESOME fan art, GelinhoTeco! To send in your fan art you can tweet us @CPImagineers, or you can comment below with a link to the image.

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team

Sunday, August 31, 2014

TONS OF UPDATES (Imagineers Show, Movie, Saturdays)

Hello everyone! This is Woddylan here, but I'm also better known as just Dylan. I am here to make a few announcements relating to The Imagineer Movie 2 the CP Imagineers Show, and our new Imagineer Saturdays series. As you probably all know, we had scheduled The Imagineer Movie 2 for March 2015. Unfortunately, we didn't get enough funding and we also realized that we might not have enough footage. Don't react too soon - there is other good news. We are putting out CP Imagineers Show episodes sooner now (and they're now directed by me) and starting with Episode 8 (we are skipping Episode 7 considering that was partially in The Imagineer Movie) we will be making episodes longer. This means every time there's a new episode, you can get excited for 10-15 minutes of footage, rather than just 2-5 minutes. We really want a full-blown experience for our viewers.

On to the next topic; we are aware that recently we haven't been able to do Imagineer Saturdays episodes. We are usually busy and so it makes it hard to put them out weekly. We will continue to try our best, but we might not always be able to make it work. We thank you all for understanding.

This is Woddylan, signing off.

-Club Penguin Imagineers Team